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About The Robot Leagues

 Investors wanted! The Robot Leagues will be a game for current gaming consoles as well as future augmented and reality headsets that features robots playing sports. People love sports and they love robots, a game featuring these two things will be a resounding success so long as proper game development and marketing take place. The Robot Leagues will feature the Robot Football League, Robot Baseball League, Robot Basketball League, Robot Hockey League, Robot Rugby League, Robot Boxing League, Robot Wrestling League, Robot MMA League, Robot Tennis League, Robot Bowling League, Robot Golf League, Robot Gladiator League, and the Robot Soccer league all in one gaming format. Collectively these thirteen leagues will form the Robot Leagues.

 The dotcom domains listed below will be used to promote and protect the future Robot Leagues gaming platform: (main title) - Seen in the Robot Football League. (robot boxing) - Seen in the Robot Gladiator League. - Seen in the Robot Gladiator League.

 The Robot Leagues will start off as a game, however the domains above may also be associated with real robot sports leagues as technology permits. While actual robot sports exist now a major following from sports/tech fans may be fifteen to twenty years away. The revenue from these future robot leagues in the form of advertising, ticket sales, and sportswear sales would be substantial. 

 Ads for the sale of robots, sporting goods, and other games will also appear on the dotcoms listed above. This action would provide an additional stream of revenue.

 This concept is straight forward, yet the love for both robots and sports could make the Robot Leagues one of the best selling games of all time. I am seeking venture capitalists or business angels with the foresight to recognize the potential of what has been described here. The game development would be a complete start-up.

 If the prospect of such a game has peaked your interest please contact me for further information.

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